Ear Treatments in Leeds

The Leeds Clinic provide ear treatments for ear wax removal. Ear wax removal by micro-suction is an affordable and gentle process. Your appointment will be with a clinician who has received specialist training in ear wax removal.

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Ear Wax Removal

One or Both Ears

Includes consultation exam
Microsuction Treatment
£60 for 1 or 2 ears
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Ear Wax Removal

Both Ears

Includes consultation exam
Alternatively fill out the form at the bottom of the page

If the clinician cannot complete the procedure on the day due to hardened wax, risk of bleeding or pain and needs to bring you back as a follow up procedure, this is chargeable at £25.


Before the clinician performs an ear treatment , they will want to look inside your ear to ensure that your symptoms are the result of excess wax build-up or foreign materials and not something more serious. 

If we find any further issues to be addressed this will be done in the consultation of your appointment for your ear treatment.

If wax build-up is the issue, your clinician will perform the procedure in the treatment room. 

Microsuction ear wax removal is our preferred procedure removing excess earwax. 

A fine suction tube combined with a suction machine is used to remove the wax. The procedure is safe, easy, comfortable and painless. 

The ear canal is viewed with the aid of a microscope so we can see exactly what we are doing at all times. This is the best earwax removal process available as it is completely safe if undertaken by a trained professional.  

You can book your appointment online for your preferred date and time available in the online appointment booking system.

Ear Wax Removal £60  

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Ear wax is a natural lubricant and antibacterial material produced by sebaceous glands within the ear canal.