Hay Fever Consultations in Leeds

Delivered by trained professionals at The Leeds Clinic, our team explore a range of treatment options for those suffering from severe hay fever symptoms, who are now looking to enjoy the spring and summer seasons allergy-free.

Hay Fever


Discussion around potential treatments
Issued prescription during the consultation
Stop severe Hay fever symptoms for the whole season
Cost of prescriptions is part covered by the consultation fee – just pay the difference.
Hay Fever 

The Leeds Clinic offers a range of prescription-only medications for those suffering from severe hay fever symptoms. Your assessment and treatment will be carried out by qualified professionals, using tried, tested and safe treatments.

You will be seen by an experienced doctor who discusses the pros and cons of a wide range of treatments and then lets you make an informed decision for your treatment.

Hay fever is nasal inflammation caused by your immune system overreacting to allergens. This response is commonly triggered by pet hair and dust or pollen in the case of hay fever.

Although most people only experience mild hay fever symptoms, the allergy can be debilitating for some – especially those who haven’t responded to the treatments on offer over the counter or from an NHS GP.

With access to fast and easy treatments, only available on prescriptions that are proven to be an effective hay fever prevention method for many people. All our treatments are administered in a completely safe environment and approved for use in the UK. No treatment can cure hay fever, but the effects of our treatment usually last the duration of the hay fever season.


Treatment Information


The cost of our prescriptions will be mostly covered by your consultation fee as most treatments cost on average