Bamboo Massage in Leeds

Our bamboo massage is a deeply relaxing massage that is ideal for those who love deep tissue massages. Bamboo massages are known for their healing properties and work to calm and energise you. At The Leeds Clinic, our bamboo massage uses existing techniques alongside the use of warm bamboo to knead the tissue, helping alleviate muscle tension and general aches and pains.

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Bamboo Massage

For our bamboo massage, we offer a 40-minute treatment as well as a longer 70-minute treatment.

A bamboo massage is thought to be helpful in treating all sorts of muscular injuries, aches and pains, and can even benefit people who suffer from multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia. The warmth of the bamboo is a big factor in the effectiveness of our bamboo massage. The heat from the bamboo allows for deeper relaxation of the tissue, meaning the therapist can get to the toughest of knots

Bamboo Massage 1

40 Minutes


Bamboo Massage 2

70 Minutes

Full Body

Our team of trained massage therapists aim to make sure you feel completely at ease and relaxed during your bamboo massage experience. You will be fully looked after before, during and after your treatment by our team of therapists and clinic staff to ensure you get the best out of your bamboo massage whilst remaining comfortable and relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo massages can aid weight loss by breaking down fat cells. Our massage therapists recommend booking in for at least four sessions to see noticeable results.

They can also increase the rate of blood flow and the