Verruca Removal In Leeds

Verrucas are also referred to as plantar warts. They’re small, painless lumps that develop on the bottom of your feet. Verrucas are small, blackish-brown growths that grow on your feet and toes. They may have tiny black dots in the centre

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Verrucas can be very uncomfortable to walk on when you put weight on them because of their pressure. Occasionally, if you have clusters of verrucas, they may fuse, known as Mosaic warts. Verrucas can exist independently, but sometimes you get verrucas with other viruses such as the human papillomavirus (HPV).


A verruca can be caused by a strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) known as HPV-3. This version of HPV causes verrucas to appear on one particular part of the body, which is the soles or balls of your feet.

There are hundreds of different strains of HPV and not all-cause verrucas—some versions like HPV-1, which causes hand warts, others like HPV-2 cause genital warts.



We use electrolysis treatment to remove Verruca's at The Leeds Clinic in Leeds. This is the safest and the most advanced method of removing Verruca's from your skin. During the process, a low voltage electric current is inserted into the Verruca using a very fine needle. The heat from the current dissolves the Verruca and they gradually dissipate.

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