Leeds Clinic History

Dr Michael Gould

Dr Whitmore

A historic tradition of a Private Clinic at 2 Upland Road, Leeds

The Leeds Clinic is based at 2 Upland Road, Leeds which has historically always been a private GP Practice opened in the 1890’s

It was started by Mrs Whitmore’s grandfather, Dr Herbert A

Beetham, who was born in Cumbria and qualified in Leeds in 1897. He met his wife Gertrude in Whitby when he was working as an assistant in Pickering and set up in practice at 64 Harehills Road in the 1890’s. They had three sons, Dennis, Francis Robin and William who attended Leeds Grammar School and became general medical practitioners. During the First World War Herbert volunteered for military service, although being over age, and served with the 2/4 Duke of Wellington’s Regiment in France. Dennis served in the Royal Flying Corp and survived being shot down twice and escaped from a German camp. He subsequently studied

medicine at Edinburgh and practiced at Thorner.

(Francis) Robin initially trained for the Merchant Navy on HMS Conway and eventually gained his masters ticket. During the slump in shipping in the early 1920’s he was unable to get a

ship and studied medicine at The University of Leeds. He qualified in 1930.

He married Phyllis May Robinson, whose father had a shoe factory in Mabgate, in 1931 and expanded the practice by starting at 2 Upland Road on 1st June 1932. William, who was 4 years younger, studied medicine at Durham and practiced at Harehills Road.


In 1948. Dr Robin decided not to join the NHS and chose private practice started at Upland Road. He had two daughters, Beryl and Kathryn. Beryl trained to teach ballet at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London and whilst there, met Dr Alec Whitmore, who was born in Leicester and was studying medicine at King’s College Hospital. After qualifying in 1956, they married. Dr Whitmore completed his Military Service as medical officer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from 1957-1960, after which he joined his father-in-law in practice at Upland Road.


The practice was carried on by Dr Whitmore and Dr Michael Gould, who joined the practice in 1979. Dr. Gould was educated at Roundhay School and studied medicine at Downing College, Cambridge and The London Hospital.  The practice has always been private and in line with a long tradition, offers a very personal type of family medicine and patients have the reassurance of dealing with the same person. The support offered to patients is not purely clinical. The practice offers comfort and support as they consider that the psychological aspect is just as important in the management of illness.

This approach is in the spirit of the Beetham Family who founded the practice 100 years ago.

Modern family medicine with old-fashioned ideals.