Weight Management Clinic In Leeds

Further to popular demand, The Leeds Clinic are now offering weight management appointments for those that require support to help achieve their weight loss goals. Our in-house nurse Emma Gibson works closely with you to help establish any underlying issues/concerns and formulate a bespoke plan offering ongoing support to help achieve those goals.


At the clinic we use Wegovy injections as our chosen treatment option.

What is the difference between Wegovy and Ozempic?

Wegovy and Ozempic are both classed as brand names for semaglutide. In 2017, Ozempic was approved for medical use for the treatment of diabetes. In 2021, Wegovy was approved for use in weight management.

The biggest difference is that Ozempic is specifically prescribed for type 2 diabetes and Wegovy is formulated for weight loss and obesity. Both have been proven to work well in combination with diet and exercise. The dosage in Wegovy is also slightly higher but like Ozempic are taken once weekly. Both medications it is advised to start on lower doses and build up gradually over the course of several months.

We will be predominantly offering Wegovy due to Ozempic being limited to those with type 2 diabetes along with a national shortage. However as mentioned, Wegovy works in a very similar way and offers similar results.


If your BMI is above 30

If you have certain weight related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol.


Step 1

Book initial consultation

£50 consultation fee.

During your initial consultation the nurse will give you the option of taking bloods including live and kidney function, thyroid hormone profile, diabetes screen and cholesterol. These will help establish any underlying concerns.

Please note the bloods will be an additional charge which the nurse will go through with you during your appointment. Once it has been established you are eligible for the treatment, you will be provided 4 doses of wegovy at £200.

Step 1

Step 2


You will be brought back to see the nurse after 3 weeks free of charge to discuss how your treatment is going and how you are feeling. Subject to this appointment, you will be offered your next 4 doses.

Step 2

Step 3

Your Treatment Plan

The nurse will agree a plan of how often you would like for her to check in with you, this will be done via telephone appointments and going forward you can simply request the prescription for ongoing treatment.

Step 3

Weight Management